Putting Green Features For Your Artificial Turf

Backyard Putting Green IdeasIf you consider playing on putting green to be boring, in all probability you have not played on a top-quality artificial turf. If it is done properly, artificial turf can provide a similar putting experience to a regular golf course. It provides an added advantage of being able to enjoy the experience from the comforts of your home. Apart from that, the customization you can bring to an artificial putting green is terrific. It doesn’t matter whether you are enjoying the sport for fun or if you are serious about it, here are some features you can add to your putting green.

1. Ridges: You can have two different-sized cups and a ridge to make putting green in your backyard more challenging. It will add a new dimension to your golf technique and that too at home. Practicing these features will allow you to become a much better player. It will thereby provide a chance to adapt the style of putting suitably.

2. Slopes: While practicing with the slopes, the golf players are needed to learn to putt downhill and uphill. It is far tougher than putting on flat surfaces. Therefore, it is useful to incorporate it in your putting green. Sometimes your backyard may not have the natural undulations, but the artificial turf installers can add them to the surface.

3. Bunkers: For practicing with the bunkers, the golf players need to learn how to hit out from them. They also need to avoid leaving the golf ball in the bunker. It is a lot more difficult than hitting off from flat grounds. Therefore, if you are serious about skill development, the feature is a terrific investment.

4. Water hazards: It is even tougher to get out of water hazards than bunkers. Therefore, this is yet another way of making the backyard green a greater challenge. When you are looking to make the golf course design stand out from the competition, water hazards are just the thing to add.

5. Fringes: This is the area on the putting green where the golf ball ends up when it has not gone inside the hole. It may appear like a trivial detail however, putting on the grass just that bit longer than usual can develop some new challenges for the players.

Keep in mind that, the kind of features you wish to add to the synthetic putting green depends on your budget. It also depends on the amount of space you have available for the area. Never hesitate to call for professional help to discuss what you have in mind for putting green. If you live in Tampa, FL area, get in touch with Artificial Turf Tampa for expert advice.