Why You Need An Artificial Putting Green In Your Backyard

Advantages of Putting Green To Your Home’s BackyardFor golf lovers having a backyard putting green is the best way to take their game to the next level. You can surely go to the clubs or drive to the range but if you have a place to practice, a short game would mean you would give more time to the sport you love. If you haven’t thought of this before, there is nothing that should stop you from doing it now. Below we have discussed some reasons why adding green to your backyard benefits you.

Advantages of Putting Green To Your Home’s Backyard

Although having a mini putting green at your office is great but an option of leaving your office without needing to leave your home is much better. Some reasons why we believe you should consider a backyard putting green are:

Select a design fitting your personal playing experience and style. You may create smooth or treacherous greens or incorporate putting greens into the existing landscape. You can also go for a completely new design.

A backyard putting green could be of any size you want. If you wish to work on your short game, you may use a smaller area of the yard. Alternatively, if you wish to work on different strokes, you may create greens having a range of features.

Save Money and Time
You no longer need to drive to the clubhouse or driving range to work on your putting. A backyard putting green offers you the comfort to work on your putting strokes as and when you want. The convenience of having a backyard putting greens makes it worth every penny.

Improve The Game
As a sport, golf requires a lot of practice and nothing can be more frustrating than missing that two-foot putt for the birdie. Utilize the backyard putting green for shaving a few strokes off your score next time you go on the course.

Spend Quality Family Time
A backyard putting green offers you a place to spend more time with your family. You can even introduce your kids to the game from their early days. Golf as a sport is enjoyed by both young and old. You can even invite others for a game night. It will be exciting to see who makes the most putts in the row or sink the longest putt. They offer you a place for enjoying outdoor living with innumerable possibilities.

Fill Troublesome Spots In The Backyard
If your yard has odd dips or areas with too much sunlight that makes it difficult for the grass to look healthy, then convert them into part of the putting green. You can do so by using artificial turf meaning there is hardly any maintenance needed. You would no longer need to worry about watering, proper sunlight, or drainage.

Important Tips While Designing Backyard Putting Green

  • Place it near the landscape features that are already in place but not so close that the windows are at risk. Playing golf means accidents may happen and you would never want them to be costly.
  • Don’t worry too much about making it challenging as your ultimate goal is to improve your game.
  • Personalize your putting green and implement your ideas and challenges. You may even model it after your preferred golf course.
  • Avoid stressing out if you have pets. You can design your green with ease of use and cleaning in mind.
  • Include landscape lighting to ensure you can play at night time too. Post-dinner putting challenge is often a great experience.