Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Turf And Pets

Artificial grass and dogsEveryone will agree with the fact that owning a pet is one of the more rewarding and enjoyable events in your life. There is a reason why they are treated as a part of your family. It is tough to maintain a grass lawn in Florida, especially in the hot summer months. In many cases, maintaining a grass lawn is not only expensive but nearly impossible. But many homeowners these days are adding artificial turf to their yard and they are completely satisfied. There are several advantages of having artificial turf, especially for pets.

1. Damage-free lawn: The most significant concern for the prospective buyers is whether having pets will leave holes or long-lasting damage to the artificial turf. But, with a long time spent on research and by using the trial-and-error method, modern artificial turfs are a great choice for pet use. The pets can gnaw artificial grass and pee on it without leaving unsightly patches and holes on it. And this investment into artificial turf in the meantime will keep on adding to the property value for years.

2. Simple to clean: It is not possible to control where the pet is going to do its business however, you can ensure that the lawn is not going to suffer afterward. By using permeable backing, moisture and animal fluids will run through the artificial turf leaving the lawn appearing flawless with little effort. Apart from that, let the pros know about the pets and their outdoor habits while adding the new artificial turf. By using proper consultation, you will feel confident about the required care for the lawn.

3. Disappearance of stinky odors: When people used artificial grass in older days it was obvious that a dog had urinated on a specific area of the turf. The odor lingered on the lawn for several months if not for many years. Nowadays, artificial turf makers create a low-maintenance and beautiful yard by avoiding unwanted puddles and odors. As a result, the lawn will keep on appearing and smelling great even when you have not lifted a finger.

4. Pets love the artificial surface: Many pet owners enquire about whether the animals will like this artificial grass. They also have concerns about whether the surface is non-toxic, does it need the use of chemicals like for the natural grass, and do the pets reap all the benefits? However, the most important thing here is understanding all the requirements and not allowing the pet to suffer. Pets are going to treat the artificial grass similarly. They love the outdoor space and there is no need to worry about patches, spots, and other unsightly things.

Picture Credit: Crello