Public & Commercial Areas

Artificial grass has become a popular alternative not only for private gardens but also for local businesses, amusement parks, hotel chains, government authorities, and pubs. Everyone is opting for artificial turf for transforming the lifeless areas into lush green lawns that can be used as public & commercial areas. This artificial grass is certain to turn heads and make the businesses or public areas popular in the town. Due to the low maintenance requirements of artificial grass, it is also a cost-effective solution in public & commercial areas. The turf will brighten spaces with greenery and there is no need to worry about the grass getting boggy during winters and having to cut the lawn regularly at the time of summer.

Artificial grass is a great option for playgrounds and parks as it means a safe and durable surface that needs minimal maintenance. Remember, public area means constant foot movement and it will be easier for the artificial grass to handle it better rather than natural grass. The synthetic turf is non-abrasive, soft, and it gives you comfort while playing and walking on it. This turf used for public areas gives you a safe environment that is free from all harmful substances and decreases the risk of injury in playgrounds and parks for kids. Various commercial areas that are suitable for artificial grass are,

  • Paths and path edges
  • Roundabouts
  • Caravan parks
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Construction site entrances
  • Office gardens

You can even use the artificial grass indoors for commercial properties in areas such as office walls or shop floors or balconies of commercial buildings.