Sports Fields

It is for the sports fields where the original Astroturf was invented. It is extremely popular even today. The synthetic grass is engineered for meeting the high requirements of all sports teams. The artificial grass ensures player protection, resilience, durability, and picturesque beauty. It is similar to the artificial turf that is used for golf courses. The artificial grass utilized for sports fields is far more cost-effective than compared to the natural grass used in older days. There is a range of synthetic turfs and several configurations available for sports fields with Artificial Turf Tampa. Sports fields can be installed that are suitable for pro, semi-pro, collegiate, and amateur sporting applications.

These artificial grass sports fields may be installed both outdoors and indoors. These sports fields are dependable, durable, and safe. The use of synthetic turf means low maintenance, unlimited play, and a great performance that is normally associated with well-kept grass patches. The synthetic grass surface used for sports fields from Artificial Turf Tampa is suitable for,

  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Lacrosse fields
  • Multi-purpose fields
  • Bocce courts
  • Field hockey fields
  • Croquet courts

There will come a time during the lifespan of a sports field when they begin to show aging and wearing out. Many times, these sports fields need maintenance for restoring to their best shape. The technology used for synthetic grass these days is different from the one used five years ago. The new technology can make the older sports fields look new again. The artificial turf allows for several applications and it doesn’t need water.