Commercial Golf

The costs involved in maintaining a golf course are astronomical. If you combine it with water restrictions, noise ordinances, and labor shortage you get commercial golf courses looking for artificial turfs. These synthetic turfs are often used for practice greens, driving ranges, and in many cases for the entire golf course. This is mainly due to the issues presented by natural grass surfaces. You can now see tees poking out from the growing, golden carts riding freely, and drivers kicking the grass and you realize the advantages of using artificial turf for commercial golf courses.

There are many kinds of materials used for installing putting greens. Although the use of natural grass is the knee-jerk reaction made by most commercial golf businesses, it might not be the best alternative anymore. The modern artificial turfs offer a more resilient surface, it requires just a fraction of maintenance costs and time required by natural grass, and it is a safe alternative. It can also be customized according to your requirements. If you select Artificial Turf Tampa for your commercial golf requirements you may expect,

  • A surface that appears great throughout the year.
  • Safe material is used that offers more padding and comfort.
  • It is a cost-saving opportunity via lesser maintenance costs and labor costs.
  • There is just a one-time buying and installation.
  • These synthetic turfs can be customized according to density, length, and rigidity to develop an ideal putting surface for your customers.

The modern technology used by Artificial Turf Tampa keeps the grass surface comfortable and cool at all times.