Nothing will be more significant to you than the safety of your kids. When you are selecting a playset for the children you must consider what lies under the set. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a public or private playground, most of the injuries take place on hard surfaces. This is where artificial grass can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your yard. More importantly, it positively affects the safety of your kids. Having soft padding provided by artificial turf ensures safety and it is constructed to not display wear and tear. Here are some benefits of using synthetic turf installation for playgrounds,

  • It is non-allergic.
  • There are no more grass stains.
  • You can use it for targeted trampling areas.
  • Develops softer play areas.
  • Terrific water draining capabilities.
  • Easy on the skin.
  • It is durable for all climates.

While installing the artificial turf, safety will be the top consideration for the Artificial Turf Tampa team. While kids are playing with their playsets there is a clear possibility of children falling and landing on hard abrasive surfaces. By using synthetically blended playground turf we will develop a safe and kid-friendly surface. Our turfs are being used by hundreds of playgrounds and kid play areas across the country. The synthetic turf installation by Artificial Turf Tampa company is guaranteed to last through all the seasons you get in Florida. You can also get a no-hassle warranty with the installation. The grass is soft to the touch and it is non-abrasive to the skin.