Easy Yet Efficient Ways Of Keeping Your Artificial Turf Look Great

Artificial Turf MaintenanceLow maintenance cost is one reason why people now prefer artificial turfs for their lawns. You don’t need to water, mow, reseed or fertilize like you have to do in the case of natural grass lawns. We all want to have a soft green lawn that looks great across the year and needs little maintenance.

However, synthetic turfs are not completely maintenance-free. Adequate care is needed to get the best return on your investment and keep your lawn looking fresh. We have discussed some easy-to-follow ways that can extend the life of an artificial lawn while making it look as natural as possible.

Remove Stains and Dust
Rain is the perfect cleanser for removing stains and dirt. However, if your region receives scanty rainfall, you can clean your synthetic turf by spraying water with a hose. You should not use harsh chemicals. Although artificial grass doesn’t stain much, you can use mineral spirits to remove minor stains that may accumulate over time. You may also buy organic sprays sold by companies that install artificial turfs.

Regular Brushing
Brushing regularly is one of the most effective ways of keeping the grass blades aligned and upright. It ensures they remain so for a longer period and look best when installed on your lawn. Depending on the foot traffic received by the grass, you might need to brush it every couple of days. The brush you use should have soft bristles and not metal or wire bristles as these two can damage the grass fibers.

Clean Pet Waste
If you have pets at home, avoid pet waste lingering over the artificial lawn for long. Neglecting this leads to stains and odor. You can clean pet waste using pooper scoopers and plastic bags the moment you see it. Immediate cleaning ensures that your lawn stays fresh and odor-free.

Clean Leaves
Debris and leaves accumulate around your lawn if you have trees nearby. Clean your lawn regularly using a simple rake or a leaf blower. It ensures your lawn looks clean and maintains a groomed look.

Remove Weeds
Install a weed membrane below the synthetic turf to avoid unwanted weeds. You should also treat the artificial grass with herbicides regularly.

Important Things to Avoid In Your Artificial Lawn

  • Avoid bonfires or barbeques near the artificial turf
  • Avoid contact with pointy and sharp objects like cleats. Stilettos, and broken glass.
  • Never Park large or heavy vehicles on the synthetic turf
  • Refrain from installing reflective glasses or mirrors near the lawn as reflected light can burn the surface of the grass
  • Never use harsh detergents and chemicals for cleaning the grass

Like any investment you make, synthetic turf also needs proper care and maintenance. You have to prepare a proper cleaning and grooming schedule to keep it looking fresh and beautiful for years. They will offer you the best outdoor space to unwind and relax.

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