Pet Areas

If you are a dog owner you will understand the issues involved in maintaining a conventional grass lawn. Unless you have a huge sprawling yard, it will end up looking worn out and threadbare due to the pet activities. The inner-city residences typically located in the hotter climate such as the one you get in Florida are worst affected by this. With the installation of artificial grass, it becomes easy to manage and control the lawn area. You can just clean and pick up from the pet areas. The products offered by Artificial Turf Tampa are safe, strong, and durable along with being bacteria-free. The challenge of maintaining a lawn that is going to be a pet area includes these issues,

  • Feces and pet urine.
  • Hole digging and burying things.

There are certain installation considerations used by Artificial Turf Tampa while designing for pet areas. While laying the grass in pet areas they use certain recommendations for under-surface preparation. These are simple steps that assist in natural drainage to prevent the smell of urine that can get trapped between the ground surface and the underside of artificial turf panels.

The artificial grass provided by Artificial Turf Tampa provides anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection and it is inherent to the construction of the artificial grass. There is organic refill used and no rubber products are utilized. The design of the grass blades, infill, and weave is highly efficient and flow-through. The artificial grass is effective, safe, and durable for pets such as dogs. There is a natural cushioning effect in the products thereby making them therapeutic and comfortable for the pets.