1. What is artificial or synthetic turf? 

Artificial turf or synthetic turf is a natural-looking grass that covers the ground. Artificial turf is a weed-free and low-maintenance alternative for sod or other kinds of landscaping that requires fertilizing or watering. Many different kinds of artificial turfs are available to cater to your personal preference and they are natural appearing and fit your budget. If it is used on sports fields the synthetic turf can give you a consistent all-weather, year-round, and low-maintenance alternative. It is also capable of withstanding extra use without requiring fertilization and recovery time.

2. Where to use artificial turf?

You can install artificial turf pretty much anywhere. However, the more popular applications are putting greens, residential yards, and dog runs. Artificial Turf Tampa has completed some extraordinary installations over balconies and rooftops. We have also worked on private sports fields such as football fields, indoor soccer fields, and bocce ball courts for both residential and business purposes. 

3. Why opt for a lawn with artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a terrific low-maintenance option for dry or sod landscaping. It permits enjoyment of your backyard over the year for the pets and children without bringing in the unwanted mud. If artificial grass is used on sports fields, it gives you a fantastic alternative to sod. It facilitates whole year-round utilization without any recovery time and freezing being needed.

4. What is the effect of artificial grass on property value?

The artificial lawn gives you several advantages that can result in raising the value of your property. However, it must be installed with natural-appearing and quality artificial grass. There are 3 major selling points for a customer that are aesthetically pleasing appearance, low maintenance, and environmentally sound material.

5. Does artificial turf require a lot of maintenance?

Artificial grass is a low maintenance product however, it does require a bit of care and you will recognize this fact over time. Simple homeowner maintenance tasks keep the artificial grass free from debris. Just a bit of rinsing after your dog has urinated on the grass can help the surface last for a long time. Every installation of artificial turf comes with some maintenance instructions for helping in keeping the lawn in a tip-top shape. It is also possible to complete periodic servicing to keep the lawn looking fresh all the time.

6. Will the artificial grass fade after a long time in the sun?

All our artificial turfs are UV stabilized and providing color fastness and the warranty we provide against fading of color extends to up to 10 years. However, be aware of the effect of ultraviolet rays might have on the lifespan of your artificial turf. Greater the intensity of sunlight shorter will be the lifespan of the fiber used.

7. Is there a warranty available with artificial turf installation? 

Yes, we provide a warranty for all our installations. For an artificial turf installation, there is a warranty of 10 years on the product and 5 years on workmanship. For the artificial putting grass installation, we offer 7 years warranty on the product and 5 years for workmanship. Artificial Turf gives you a warranty for workmanship that includes work performed by our employees.

8. What kind of artificial grass is most suitable for dogs?

We give you several artificial turf products and many of them are dog-friendly. There are two kinds of turfs available that are antimicrobial. These are artificial grass types with antimicrobial backing and blades that kill and stop the growth of any unwanted material and odor. This kind of artificial grass is recommended for dogs however, that is not the only alternative. We also give you Durafill as an optional infill for the green sand. Durafill is an antimicrobial encapsulated granule that can help in deterring odor and prevent any unwanted growth.

9. What kind of infill is used for artificial grass?

For our domestic installations, we utilize just the green sand. We also offer our clients antimicrobial Durafill that is well-recommended for the yards where you can expect pets such as dogs and higher traffic with children. For our sports field applications, we utilize crumb rubber and green sand both to get a softer surface.