How To Care For Your Artificial Turf

How to Maintain Your Artificial TurfOne of the main reasons many homeowners are switching to artificial turf today is that it’s convenient. While it requires a lot of work to maintain your natural grass so that it looks nice, taking care of synthetic turf is much easier since it requires minimal maintenance and will still look great for years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it won’t require any care at all, but when you see the work that’s required you’ll admit that it’s much easier.

How to Maintain Your Artificial Turf

While we may tout the fact that you don’t have much work to do with your synthetic turf, it’s fine if you don’t believe us right away. Let us take some time to show you the four main things you must do for your artificial turf then we think you’ll believe us. Many of these things are quite simple and you only need to do them occasionally.

Spot Clean and Remove Debris Occasionally

While you may not need to mow your grass weekly, there are a few things you’ll still need to do occasionally. Fortunately, these tasks are relatively easy. They include:

  • Use either a leaf blower or your hands to clear large pieces of debris off of your artificial turf. If you don’t do this, things like leaves and branches may become matted there. By picking these items up your yard looks clean and well-groomed.
  • Preserve your synthetic turf and keep it from staining by spot cleaning it when spills occur. Simply blot away any liquids and scoop up any solids when they occur. Then mix a household detergent with some water and gently rinse the area off. Make sure you finish by thoroughly rinsing with cold, clean water. Doing this as soon as the damage occurs will help you avoid stains so your lawn remains beautiful and enjoys a long lifespan.

Take Time to Hose it Down Weekly

Instead of constantly watering your artificial turf you only need to water it once a week. This means that you’ll save thousands of gallons of water per year. By hosing down your synthetic turf you’ll prevent any dust or debris from building up there. However, if you experience regular periods of rainfall throughout the week you won’t need to do this. The rain is sufficient for effectively cleaning your turf. It’s mainly throughout the dry, summer months when you’ll need to give it a quick rinse off once a week.

Cross Brush it Monthly

When your artificial turf receives a lot of foot traffic it will eventually grow matted in some areas. It’s important to take the time to brush these areas occasionally. How easily or frequently the area becomes matted depends on the durability and pile height (how long it measures from the back of the turf to the end of a blade of grass). You’ll find that most synthetic turf only needs brushed once a month.

Cross brushing (brushing your lawn in the opposite direction of the fibers) is the best way of tackling this task. Doing so will help fluff up the grass fibers and maintain each blade’s upright position. Even if you’re not looking for a well-manicured yard, this task is still important since it extends your lawn’s lifespan.

Install Synthetic Turf Today

None of these tasks are difficult compared to the mowing and edging work your natural grass requires. Completing these tasks also takes much less time. This is why we believe you’ll agree with us that artificial grass really is the best option today. So, why not have it installed around your home and simplify your life?