Creative Backyard Ideas For Your Home

ways to create a backyard design with artificial turf

With the cost of living increasing, people are spending more time at home. If you have an outdoor space in which you can spend some of this time, you’ll want to consider some of these backyard designs for designing an enjoyable, carefree outdoor environment that you won’t want to leave.

Outdoor Games
What makes your backyard design fun is something that brings people together socially. So, why not create a space for outdoor games? Not only will your family enjoy them but so will your friends. There are lots of ways you can do this.

Bocce Ball Court
This is a relatively easy game for people of any age. It consists of a straightforward and inexpensive backyard design. Since the artificial turf in this area is flat, you can also use it for other games and activities near Orlando.

Putting Green
People living in Orlando have really wanted to have putting greens installed in their yards lately. They enjoy getting together with other people in the neighborhood for a putting contest.

Are you looking for a simple game that can be played on your artificial turf? You’re simply scoring points by throwing bags filled with corn onto an elevated platform. Anyone of any age can enjoy this game.

Basketball Court
While basketball is usually played in your front driveway, it’s safer to play in your backyard, where you won’t be chasing the ball into the street.

Outdoor Pool Area
Another popular backyard idea is the addition of a swimming pool. Small pools (5,000 – 7,500 gallons) are oftentimes a better choice today. You can easily add this small custom backyard design with heated and cooled water, swim jets (allowing you to tread water instead of swimming laps), and in-floor cleaning systems that make them easy to maintain.

Outdoor Furniture
There are many types of furniture you can use in your backyard. What you choose to install will depend on your comfort level. Some of your options include:

  • Hammock: This is an easy way to create a relaxing backyard. Even if you don’t have two trees or posts available, there are stand-alone alternatives available.
  • Swing bed: This is an excellent option for those who don’t like hammocks.
  • Sunbed: These are low, sophisticated beds that you can lounge in. They’re enjoyable because they’re extra deep, thick, and wide.
  • Fire table: While these tables have been around for years, today, many people are buying ones that run on gas. These aren’t only great for the fire but also as a place to sit your wine or cheese.
  • Fire lounge: Since you probably like lounging in front of a fireplace, why not add some extra comfy cushions to your outdoor fireplace?

Artificial Turf Tampa, near Orlando, Florida, offers numerous ways to create a backyard design with artificial turf. They have the knowledge and supplies to realize your idea, whether it’s to create a low-maintenance outdoor area or turn your backyard into a verdant haven. Enjoy the advantages of a gorgeous and valuable backyard that’s made from artificial turf, thanks to their premium materials and expert installation services.

Picture Source: Artificial Turf Tampa