Make More Birdies Using These Putting Drills

how crucial putting is in the sport of golf

Many folks do not realize just how crucial putting is in the sport of golf. Therefore, on the putting green, it makes absolute sense to use these putting drills to drive a lower score to look like the pro on the golf course.

Keep in mind that practice will make your putting better. Have a goal to do these exercises at a minimum of one hour a week.

Our first putting exercise is the clock putting drill, which was designed to help improve your uniformity on 3 to 8-foot putts. Begin by placing a dozen golf balls around the hole in 2 to 3-foot gaps. Using the 4 golf balls that are closest to the hole first, work your way around. Every time you miss, you will need to restart the exercise.

The second drill is known as the Meter Stick drill. Lay a steel meter stick 6 feet away from your hole. Position the ball on the end and strike it into the goal. The goal is to have the ball stay on the meter stick the entire way, thus proving the face of the putter was square on impact.

Our next putting operation is called the 100 Straights Putts drill. In this drill, you will work on being consistent. On your putting green, find a flat area. Set up a T 2–3 inches away from the hole, then hit it in. Repeat 99 more times, concentrating on how you are aligned and what your form is. This will provide you assurance and is a super easy way to work on technique. If you really want to hone in on your alignment, you may consider using a putting alignment mirror. This will allow you to see your eye position, the putter face alignment, and head movement.

Up next, we have the Pullback putting exercise. Position one ball 10 feet from the hole. Hit it into the hole, and if you make it, repeat the exercise, this time moving back 20 feet. Do this exercise three times in a row, all from 10, 20, and 30 feet. Should you not make the shot at first, place the golf ball one putter length away from where the ball landed on the putting green and try again.

Is rhythm a conflict in your golf game? The 1-2-3 Putting drill is exactly the exercise you should consider. Place three golf balls at 3, 6, and 9 feet in a row. Beginning at the ball nearest to the hole. Then, make your way toward the outside. This exercise is perfect for establishing your rhythm at the beginning of a game or even after you have completed your practice.

The Manila Folder putting drill will help you work on your speed control. Place a Manila folder 6 to 10 feet away from you in a flat area. Hit the golf ball, trying to have the ball stop on the folder. The folder’s surface makes it hard for a golf ball to stop there, thus allowing you to work on your speed.

A putting mat can greatly help improve your putts. If you’re serious about your game, you may even consider having artificial turf installed on your lawn. Many homes near Orlando have already taken the plunge by having gorgeous-looking lawns that serve as their own putting green!

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Picture Credit: VistaCreate